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Every 3 years, SEA and the District meet to negotiate the full 27 Article contract. Countless hours are spent discussing the specificities of each article and their impact on working conditions for all SVUSD staff. The last 3 year contract will be concluded in 2020-21.

During the 3 year contract, SEA and the district meet annually to negotiate changes the Medical and Wages articles, as well as four other articles. (Two chosen by SEA and two chosen by the district)

Annual surveys sent out by SEA guide the negotiating team in highlighting the priorities of our SEA membership. Communication from members to SEA leadership and members of the negotiating team are an invaluable resource in this process as well. Members of the negotiating team work tirelessly to ensure that all voices are heard and an equitable approach is taken in selecting articles.

SEA Bargaining Team:

Adam Lev (Chair), Kaitlyn Fischer (Elementary), David Dingman (Secondary), Allison Dilworth (Elementary/ Special Ed), Amanda Hogan (SEA President) and Jake Anderson (CTA Staff)


District Bargaining Team:

Jennifer Conmay, Julie Ellis, Sean Goldman, Matt Guzzo, Dean Maye, Erin Taggart and Shanda Weaver



Our negotiating team met over 22 times with the district team in 2021.


Our team's main focus has always been considering the impact of the contract  on our 800+ members!


Above all else, your team gives their all to create a contract that fosters a positive working environment that benefits the staff, students & families of SVUSD.

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